Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day 3 of a Possible Reaction

Sunday night, hubby and I went to a benefit for my school. I ate a lot of "safe" food with reckless abandon: corn tortilla chips, seven layer dip, veggies, and then the buffet. I did not realize until this morning that the chicken breast I naively enjoyed may have been dredged with flour! THIS would explain the cramping/bloating feeling I've had since Sunday. Today, I was in bed with a great deal of abdominal pain until 10AM! Tonight, the rash is coming back. It may not look like much (especially with my bedroom's bad lighting) but it's itchy as anything (and had been essentially gone until tonight). If there are any fellow sufferers out there actually reading, let me know if this is the start of DH or if I am a hypocondriac!

I have also taken the step of locating a gastro doctor in the area who may actually know something. It has been suggested that I may have to glutenize in order to prove the problem. If I have been off gluten long enough, the tests will come up negative.

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