Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Product Review: S'Better Gluten-Gree Corn Dogs

S'Better Beef Corn Dogs

Last week, I was at my local Wild Oats (currently transforming into Whole Foods), in search of my favorite gluten-free crust by Sans Gluten. However, they were out and I had to settle for the "other" one which is more expensive and not as good.

I took my 6 year old with me, as we were at the store after school. She is a beautiful, bright, extremely friendly little girl. [Next post will be about cool yiddishe maidel.] After we put her "special" ice cream (needed for her restricted refined sugar/dairy/citrus diet) into the cart, she struck up a conversation with an older man looking at the gluten-free products. While I was searching for that GF pizza crust, she immediately started to explain how she needs her "special" ice cream (fruit-sweetened Soy Delicious) because she's on a "special" diet. His interest was piqued and she continued to describe how her "eema" (Hebrew for "Mom") can't eat gluten because "it hurts her tummy".

The man showed me the large assortment of GF products, and I explained that I really have to label search since we also keep kosher. Right before he walked away, he pointed to a section of the freezer containing this company's entire line. Now, you have to understand that I was skeptical when I saw the hechsher (kosher symbol) as I have all but given up on finding too many kosher-certified GF products outside of Passover (when made with potato starch). I didn't want to risk paying the $8.59 for a box of corn dogs and find out that they were not kosher.

Yesterday, I had a friend contact the Orthodox Union (who certifies the product) who vouched that this company is indeed kosher-certified. Immediately after work, I drove straight to that Whole Foods and purchased the (last) package of corn dogs. [S'Better also makes Chicken Fingers, Chicken Siciliano, and a couple frozen dinners.] I realize that the point of this blog is to explore eating gluten-free without going broke but as a working mom, sometimes I have to go for the convenience.

You have to understand...most people who know me happen to know me as a scratch cook all the way. Puttering away in the kitchen and creating has always served as a wonderful de-stresser, but, unfortunately, has gone (somewhat) by the wayside with my going to work full-time. It also happened to be this school year (I work as a teacher's assistant) that I discovered my gluten issues.

Product Review: I was disappointed at seeing how small the five corn dogs were, especially after paying $8.59. Luckily, I had also stopped at the local grocery store and purchased a package of "regular" kosher beef dogs (Aaron's Best is also GF) to stretch the meal between the family. For a frozen corn dog, it tasted alright (although the corn bread coating took my children by surprise as they have rarely eaten these since they are generally unavailable in kosher establishments). Would I purchase it again? I see these products as a convenience, but they have earned a space in my freezer for "emergency" meals. Perhaps to save a little money, I will continue to buy "regular" products for the rest of the family and eat a portion of my GF "look alike". For those of you who are Muslim, in a true sign of religious harmony, they are also certified halal.

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