Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Welcome to the blog!

This blog is about living with food sensitivities and being able to do it without going broke. Part memoir, part cookbook, I intend to add another voice to the food blog world.

I am not an officially diagnosed celiac, just someone who has noticed, by simple trial and error on my own body, what eating wheat (and its cousins rye, barley, and spelt) can do to harm me. After consuming these foods, I experience bloating, fatigue, sometimes even a need to eat even more of it. It was interesting how rice, corn, and potatoes (even beans!) did not have the same weakening effect that the wheat has in recent months. I have known about gluten sensitivity for close to ten years, and have only recently begun to consider my connection to it.

Future posts will be devoted to information about gluten sensitivity, recipes (after all, a gluten-free diet can be costly as well as time consuming), and how I have to tie all of this into my lifestyle as an observant Jew.

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